About us

About us

We are Lisa and Madoka and want to introduce you to our fantastic refreshing facemasks. These beautiful Japanese cotton infused sheets are extremely kind and gentle on your skin. These masks all contain aloe vera which is soothing and moisturising.

Whilst we were in Tokyo a few years back, my sister in law introduced me to essence infused cotton face masks. I tried one and fell in love with it immediately as did my skin and I couldn’t believe how easy they were to use.

Whilst living here in England Madoka missed her face masks and would get her mum to send them over for her as she couldn't find anything like this over here. Our climate being generally cold, windy and rainy really dries the skin out, and then we all come inside to have the heating on full blast which again dries the skin.

We finally decided in 2015 to bring the masks over from Japan and see if we can show the English women how they could (as the Japanese say “Lovely your skin”) treat their skin to an ‘at-home’ facial every night of the week if they wished. They don’t break the bank and are clean and easy to use. 


Why B Beauty?

In Japan, beauty or , is an important part of everyday life and thousands of people buy masks, just like the ones we're selling, every day in aid of their own  .

The Japanese symbol within our logo is the Kanji sign for beauty.

is pronounced 'be' or simply 'B' in English. As a Japanese-English start-up with the hope of spreading beauty around the world, we thought it fitting to call ourselves Bbeauty(beauty) or beautybeauty if you speak Japanese! We hope this helps you to 'Lovely your skin'.

Lovely your skin? - that's the Korean manfacturer's slogan for their products, which we liked, and if you have ever been to Japan, sounds such a Japanese thing to say.